Denise Wharran Hair Stylist

Denise Laureen Wharran


Denise has spent her lifetime studying the inner and outer beauty realms. Possessing seven licenses  in cosmetology, skin care, massage therapy, natural health, aromatherapy and herbalogy and certifications in extensive healing modalities.She specializes in color and cutting schools of thought and applications. Including nineteen years as a certified  yoga facilitator through Discovery Yoga a KYTA extension, Rieki Master and Chakra Healing and Balancing Therapist. Twenty years in Aesthetics primarily focused on treatment and purification of the imbalances of the skin such as acne, scaring and discoloration issues-through careful examination of products to provide individualized true step-by-step skin care for ultimate results.

Professional background includes eight years as a color and design artist through the hair medium, focusing entirely upon bringing forth a positive transition and radiance in the hair, both through the application of color dimension and cutting the hair to serve a purpose and to be a prized possession to client. The integrity of the hair’s health and personalized style is the most important focus in her design intentions.

“I seek to elevate, inspire and grow with my clients and chose ZEN•DARA as my sacred salon and spa haven to serve”.

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